Why you should not vote for Kristi Noem.

1-Her first duty as governor was to overturn the will of the people-She sued us with OUR tax money to repeal a measure that had a higher approval than she was voted in. In her words we made "the wrong choice".

2-Nepotism-She strong armed a woman into quitting so her daughter could get her real estate appraiser license because she couldn't pass it on her own. The appraiser got paid off. A panel has found Noem's daughter got "unusual treatment".

3-She did an absolute abhorrent job at telling her constituents factual information regarding Covid. This resulted in our state having the highest spread rate multiple times. Our death rate is also horribly high considering our low population.

4-She sent back federal aid money that would have helped low income families to tout her "great Covid response"

5-She and her brothers have benefited from federal aid which is a conflict of interest.

6-When the hospitals in her state were begging people to get vaccinated because they were overflowing with patients, she called them liars.

7- She is helping further the fascist agenda with every post.

8-She sued the federal administration because she couldn't have fireworks at Mount Rushmore even though there is a huge drought. But then the next day will post, thanking our fire departments for putting out wildfires. Well which is it?

9- She does everything she can to be divisive and hateful. Examples include the LGBTQ community. Or how about perpetuating critical race theory. It isn't even taught in high school. It's just meant to be divisive. Who does that benefit? Not her constituents. It's all for the national stage.

10-She had a private citizen pay for OUR Nat'l Guard troops to be sent to Texas as a political op.

11-She is using our tax money to fly around the country for her own political gain. (Ethics violation)

12-She has had 5 chiefs of staff in three years. That shows a questionable work environment.

13-Meth we're on it campaign. Paid millions for out of state advertising.

14-It was stated by the previous administration that the 1/2 cent sales tax they added would be removed once the state started receiving tax dollars from Amazon. So far Kristi has not honored that tax removal.

15-Built a fence around OUR governor's mansion with OUR tax money.

16-We TAX PAYERS also FUNDED a news studio in Pierre to do FOX/OAN interviews only. She refuses to speak to any local media.

17-$77,000 for a make up studio. I thought she was FOR fiscal conservatism.

18-Why did we pay for a sauna?

19-Flanderau dispensary opened, people are being arrested for possession if they are not tribal members and still continue to be harassed and arrested. Freedom for who?

20-Using her dad's inheritance ie death as a political ploy by lying about the heavy burden brought on her family. It didn't. They made bank.

21-She took the raise meant for teachers and other state employees and used it to give her daughter a huge salary for her other daughter who was just starting the state job

22-Introduced laws that were passed preventing protests from blocking roads. But supports the truckers blocking roads. Make it make sense.

23-When is she in our state? Spending all her time raising money for herself. Using a plane illegally. Using police force to "protect her".

24-Turned down Trump's additional $300 in unemployment benefits. Constituents are hurting but this will make HER look better on the national stage.

25-When she was congresswoman she wasn't even around to vote.

26-Keeping the hemp for a crop in SD vote out until the company her husband could profit from with his insurance business

27-No foreigners allowed to work at Racota Valley ranch

28-Wanted to allow people to drive through sovereign tribal lands during Covid.

29-Overworked prison guards were being shorted on holiday pay, Noem said she'd fix that. Did she?

30-Hiring out of state for her staff

31-Spending 1.6 mil on an out of state company for a website that doesn't work.

32-Gave Covid relief to her brother to the tune of 500k. Remember she sent other money back that would have helped low income families and others who were struggling.

33-Son of a South Dakota Republican state senator received over a million in Covid relief funding for a business he says is located in Union Center but which public records and other data indicate acturally operates in Texas. South Dakota Covid PPP grants slated for SD 1 M lost to local SD businesses.

34-Pandora Papers-She was too busy to attend D.C. inquiry on the Pandora Papers where 360 Billion..her involvement as SD governor

35- Stripping women of their bodily autonomy. She has stripped away women's access to healthcare and South Dakota women will die.

36- Failed to vet her donors and accepted contributions exceeding the legal limit from fringe individuals – like convicted killer Charles Pilkinton. After finding out about this she decided she won't return the money

Credit: u/WoohpeMeadow

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Well written summary of what our S.D. constituents should all read before they vote !

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I am laughing my ass off. Kristi Noem is the DEFINITION of extreme and LACKS common sense problem solving. Obtuse, detached, ripe with nepotistic advancement and simple self-promotion. Her Chief of Staff is nearly worse. Get the hell out of office and do us all a favor. The fact you were elected in the first place and spent time in Congress is unbelievable.

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Kristi Noem is now suggesting that we eliminate the tax on groceries. An idea Smith has been supporting for years. And she would tax marijuana if it is legalized - just like Jamie Smith. But she says he is too extreme to lead South Dakota.

If you honesty think that Kristi... then stop following him.

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If Jamie Smith is too extreme, WHY did Noem get Jamie Smith to SPONSOR her totalitarian legislative bills? In 2020, the legislature allowed a Governor (who is NOT supposed to legislate, that office executes new laws ONLY!) to bring bills 15 days after no more bills were allowed to be considered. Noem had 3 bills (HB 1295, 1296, and 1297) for dictatorial shut down and a grab for absolute power. AND JAMIE SMITH EITHER SPONSORED OR CO-SPONSORED THEM ALL! SD has a a law now (Noem's bill HB 1297) that gives her Hospital administrator (our Sec of Health) the right to demand that we all take tests and TREATMENTS for any pathogen she deems is a problem, or WE GO TO JAIL! Come on Ellis, figure this one out!

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This is more like political advertisement!!

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They let Jamie do one too.

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I agree! It is an advertisement! Noem has always manipulated the truth and this is just that .

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At least, she didn’t write it in the third person like Mike Lee did.

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