Our lives are mere props in a vp hopeful’s book tour. Lovely.

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When I first discovered this on Trump's TruthSocial account earlier this morning, I was stunned that Noem hadn't been hawking this literary sequel on all her favorite conservative media outlets. Then it occurred to me that Trump may have jumped the gun and blown out the candles on her cake.

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Who is her ghost writer??

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Politicians make you scratch your head if not worse. They all complain about the media, Democrats complain about the conservative media and Republicans about the liberal media, New Tork Times included. But the top line of Noem's new book cover says:

"New York Times Best Selling Author"

Two questions:

1. If you do not believe in their views why would you want that on your book cover?

2. Does it only takes one book for someone to be a New York Times best selling author?

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Presumably, she thought the name plate would embellish a rough, tough image. However, she can expect its message will entail plenty of derision:



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