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What a terrible position.

There are so many misnomers and false statements here. But I’ll address a simple one: alcohol is engrained in our society and prohibition didn’t work. Marijuana prohibition also doesn’t work and as much as this lady might hate to admit it, marijuana is and has been engrained in our society for generations. A quick history lesson on marijuana scheduling will enlighten this fact.

Additionally, calling alcohol and marijuana “vastly” different is fair, but calling the associated issues with them is not. Marijuana use is certainly ripe with social problems just as alcohol is. And just because they are different doesn’t give cause to justify one over the other. To advocate for alcohol to stay legal and marijuana to stay illegal for these reasons is double-speak.

At the end of the day, she’s advocating for violence against anyone who partakes in marijuana use. It’s fine and fair, maybe even the responsible thing to do, to highlight and caution the public about the potential affects of marijuana use. What’s not fine and fair is to delegate enforcement and violence against anyone using the drug.

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How about a link where the reader can comment directly to the author/contributor?

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Maggie Seidel is a Right Wing Extremist who says these things like they are Fact. They are Not. Alcohol is far worse the marijuana. It's impact on our society are Huge. Prohibition did not work with Alcohol and it has Not worked with Drugs. Folks like Seidel do not care about Marijuana, they just Hate the people that use it.

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