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The Dakota Scout is a locally owned, sourced and printed independent operation co-founded by Ellis and Sneve. Together, they have more than 30 years of combined experience in South Dakota journalism that have earned them reputations as dogged reporters who’ve not lost touch with their neighbors’ sensibilities.

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Joe Sneve 

Fifth-generation South Dakotan in his 15th year covering local news. When he's not hounding politicians and hunting for the next big story, he spends his time with his two daughters, riding motorcycles and chasing Pearl Jam around the globe.

The Dakota Scout 

South Dakota’s leading alternative, independent and locally owned political newspaper focusing on state and local politics in state Capitol and Sioux Falls.

Ryan M Stoick

Ryan Stoick is a local, self-taught cartoonist. Living and working within the Sioux Falls community. Disabled since birth, you may have seen him tooling around downtown in his beloved, motorized scooter "Iris".

Dan Gehlsen

Local farmer, proud supporter of The Dakota Scout

Nolan Peterson 

Copy editing.

Austin Goss

Austin is a 3 year veteran of covering the news in South Dakota. He and his family enjoy getting to explore the state, particularly its smallest communities. He is a proud Catholic, soldier, and firefighter.

Brian Ellis

Los Angeles based Directors Guild of America member with extensive production experience and a love of film history.

Virginia Olson

Virginia is South Dakota journalist and storyteller who covers a variety of news topics for area publications. Her focus is community news and stories that have regional significance.